August 11, 2020


The quality of being unique gives us a wide variety of opportunities. We all carve a unique path that leads to multiple new pathways when merged with another. Sometimes there is turbulance when two or more paths collide, however, there is always an opportunity to learn. The source of every perspective transforms radially in different ways.

Our childhood shapes us into the person we are today. As we shift through environments that continually change, our identity uniquely evolves. Since our brain develops at a faster rate during the early years, our identity goes through a lot of change. Once the developmental years come to and end, we experience an array of unique and unpredictable events. The unpredictability is necessary for us to grow and adapt to change.

For each event that passes by, a new thought, idea, or feeling is born. The culmination of all these experiences creates our mental world. We may dream or imagine scnarios that are not necessarily tied to the reality. Or we may dream of a long-term goal that is soon to become a reality. No matter the direction, the value is the same. Our uniqueness dictates the reward that we derive from experience.

When these experiences collide, a new path is created outside our own world. It becomes a part of our world because we pass on our uniqueness to individuals who pass it on to us. This bi-directional process is the reason why we have such immense opportunities today.

One single word or collection of words unique to our own sparks a conversation. One single conversation or collection of conversations sparks an opportunity. One opportunity or collection of opportunities ignites a fire that fuels us to grow, develop, change, and succeed.