August 8, 2020

The Infinite Unknown

Space is an ever expansive area that consists of infinite unknowns. Our minds work in parallel with the amount of space we uncover over time. As we begin our journey in life, the unknown is so vast and chaotic. As we process the world using our curious driven mind, we adapt to new challenges that await us.

A positive mindset is a gateway to the infinite expansive space that represents the unknown. Every challenge in life that we encounter is a necessary component of growth and development. We need some resistance in our life to push forward with more strength. The key is that we do not let obstacles deter us along the way.

As we continually convert the unknown into known information, our mind builds up a repository of thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. To keep our mental health in check, it is important to silence or clear the mind at various points in our life. This silence allows us to process a vast amount of information that occupies the mind.

Stress is an inevitable outcome that triggers an increase in processing speed. This is great for short term situations, however, it can prove detrimental if it persists too long. Clearing the mind from toxicity such as stress, negativity, and hatred faciliates the healing process. Negativity only drives us in the opposite direction - toward a single point where meaning loses its value.

Living in gratitude and accepting our uniqueness is critial for dampening our reactions to external events. If expectations grow beyond our capability, then fullfillment goes out of reach. Our viewpoint becomes narrower and narrower the more we expose ourself to percieved dissapointment. Rather than take it as a loss, accept it and move on knowing that the learning experience is ever growing.