August 9, 2020

Raising the Bar

Our mind and body is constantly adapting to new levels of stimuli. As we expose ourseleves to difficult challenges, we raise the bar or threshold to stress. Each challenge that we percieve as improbable is a result of a fixed-mindset. If we do not venture into unknown territory, then the challenge will always be out of our grasp. By accepting each challenge wisely, we steadily climb to new levels of possibility.

Avoiding situations due to comfort level increases the liklihood of stress. Encountering our anxieties head-on helps minimize and overcome future apprehension. It is natural to fear the unknown. We must realize that our resistance to it is dependent on our willingness to accept each challenge. We can rise to new heights no matter the difficulty that lies ahead.

Sometimes, we cannot reach the destination that we desire. Everyone wants their life to progress in some shape or form. Following our passions is critical to persist amid difficulty. Success is the ability to grow, develop, and move forward to new heights. Understanding and accepting our limitations prevents us from moving down an unfavorable path. Our inner awareness helps point us in a more favorable direction that continually changes.

Energy levels and motivation levels go hand-in-hand. These two driving forces liberate us from any set-backs that hold us back. To derive energy, we must succeed in areas that satisfy our interests. Whether we desire to seek deeper knowledge or travel the world or obtain an authoratative position does not matter. The key is that we do not let an intermediate resistance deter us along the way.

The reason that we experience an array of challenges today is attested to the growth-mindset of our predecessors. Every day, we reach new heights even if it may seem insignificant. Our inborn curiousity is constantly searching for a deeper level of understanding. Although life may not play out as we imagine, we can happily sit back knowing we tried hard by setting the bar higher.