August 8, 2020

Missing Pieces

Every assumption that we make is incomplete. Rather than assert truth as an end-point, consider all the missing pieces of the puzzle that remain. Our perception is a fraction of the whole range that occupies space. We attempt to imagine a scenario to fill each void or missing pieces. The problem is that these pieces are often incorrectly placed .

If we are patient with our thoughts, then it becomes easier to move the pieces in the right direction. A quick assessment or judgement is only focusing on the surface or outline of the picture. Uncovering a broader range of information shifts the perspective closer to the truth.

Emotions create a boost in energy proportional to the reaction. This oftentimes causes us to make quicker judgements or decisions. For instance, we may buy products based on an emotional or impulsive drive. We need emotions to keep our life in balance. Tending to either extreme, however, skews or distorts our understanding of events. If the reaction is too strong, then our mind loses precision or aim. This can lead to misperceptions or multiple assumptions based on minimal information.

To point in the right direction, we need to achieve balance across many areas of our lives. Traveling to different locations or attemping new challenges or adding interests allows our persepctive to broaden. The percieved image that we create in our mind slowly begins to assemble into a clearer picture. The fog that blinds us from the depths of understanding slowly begins to fade away.

Understanding that our current state of mind is event dependent and transient over time is key. We could exist at any point along the specrum of negativity to positivity. The probability of landing at any point is related to personality traits and mental strength. Gaining insight or awareness helps us build resistance against closure. Conversely, hastily attacking other's viewpoints only drags us back into a dense fog.

As humans, we all have various defects that present themselves daily. Rather than focus on problems and issues exclusive to our own, we should direct our focus on self improvement and balance. As we fill the missing pieces in our life, we gain a clearer view outside of our life.