August 18, 2020

Living with Uncertainty

We live in a vast sea of uncertainty. Our beliefs continuously refine over time and change form. It is our hope that the form is an accurate representation of the system, however, it is far from complete. The best we can do is seek outward and remain open to the possibility that our conclusions may be scattered from the truth.

The inner workings of the univserse creates symmetry, order, and structure amid chaos. The complexity of the mind is well beyond our grasp. Yet somehow, the information is transformed into a usable form that we can organize and disperse. Each bit of information condenses into a structure just like the forces of nature act to order the universe. We may seek all these relationships to verify our own perceptions, but our certainty is only as deep as our range of perception - a finite limit.

The great philosopher, René Descartes, spent a good portion of his life uncovering the question of whether we exist. After many years of pondering deeply, he came to the following conclusion, " I think, therefore, I am." The culmination of all his thoughts, ideas, and revelations was summed up in a few words.

One may ask, why did he spend so much time and energy searching for a simplistic answer? It seems simple on the surface, but deep down, his openness to uncertainty guided his actions. Each level of uncertainty was much more complex than an immovable stopping point. Being able to shift through complex layers and simplify a problem down to its core points to in-depth understanding.

Our mind gathers information at a certain rate. This rate is proportional to our opennness to experience. The artifical world of technology is expanding at a rate much faster than our mind can process. Therefore, the limit or gap in understanding is continually expanding beyond the rate that our mind can gather information.

Every new domain of creation such as a new scientific field consists of infinite space. There is infinite space for the artificial world to expand, but only finite space for the mind to occupy on earth. If we want to push the limit outward towards infinity, there needs to be a dose of uncertainty at all times.