September 3, 2020

Layers of Complexity

Layers exist all around us. Each system exhibits layers of complexity relating to the range of information in a given space. Complexity is analogous to the density of information. Information does not have mass in a physical sense. Once the bits of information form links or chains, the knowledge condenses and becomes more compact.

All the individual details that comprise of the whole concept build up in layers. If you scatter each bit randomly, it becomes chaotic and complex. The complexity of our mind is able to convert layers of complexity into simplicity. The simplest solutions often come from the most complex minds.

There is a reason our range of perception is bounded. If it was not the case, we would all experience phychosis or physiological collaspe. That is, our mind is not able to withstand complexity outside of its limit. For this reason, there are many layers beyond our scope or comprehension. We truly live in a small world.

The process of adaptation allows us to seek new layers. We cannot skip too many levels otherwise the process reverses itself. Our survivial depends on the ability to venture into the unknown and uncover novel bits of information. In the beginning, Science was sitting in a flood of ideas, conjectures, and speculation. The artifical world that we know today was a point whereas the untamed world was infinitely vast and novel.

The artificial world has grown in proportion to the field of Science. Microscopic bits of information became a virtual reality. Multiple layers of complexity slowly transition into simplicty. This cyclic process has infinite potential meaning that it is unbound. We can always seek deeper truth or understanding because the unknown world has no limit.

The material world is a surficial expression of our progression up to this point. It feeds our reward center and provides a source of instant gratification. The problem with such feedback is that once it becomes an addiction, our self worth becomes dependent on this source for fuel. This only adds turbulance to our lives. Releasing the bondage or tending to simplicity is very liberating.

We must appreciate the complexity the world has to offer. As we shift smoothly through many layers, a simplified version remains. Sharing a well thought idea may seem instantaneous in nature and flow smoothly, but its true essence is much more intricate than the surface. We will never uncover all the layers of complexity or get down to the core, but we can accept the notion that our inner world is very simple on a relative scale. At the same time, there is no need to add uneccessary layers of complexity to our lives.