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Matcha tea has numerous health benefits due to its high concentration of antioxidants and l theanine. Its early roots are said to date back as far as mid 12th century in Japan. Matcha not only relaxes the mind due to its l theanine content, but it produces sustained energy without the jitters. L-theanine is an amino acid which promotes alpha brain waves in the brain. Matcha is touted for its cognitive enhancing properties, which is partly attributed to l theanine.

Before matcha becomes finely ground into powder, the young tea leaves soak up nutrients during the Winter. Once Spring arrives, a shade growing process commences. This helps preserve and increase the amount of L-Theanine present in the leaves, which enhances the calming benefit of matcha.

The following section includes a product reviews based on my recommendation. I outline the reasons why I chose the particular brand, and mention the associated benefits to drinking matcha daily. If you want more information regarding the benefits of matcha powder, click the link below...

Matcha Health Benefits


#1: Matcha Sense – Cermenonial Grade



Matcha sense is top notch quality based on my experience with different brands. The flavor is very rich and smooth. There are two common types of matcha: Ceremonial or Culinary Grade. Ceremonial grade is smoother and less bitter than culinary grade, which is used for cooking purposes. High quality matcha powder exhibits a bright green hue due to its high chlorophyll content. Matcha Sense, as shown above, satisfies this criteria. While taking Matcha Sense, I noticed a steady increase in energy and focus. My mind felt sharper and clearer due to its cleansing properties and benefits as a nootropic.

Why Chose Matcha Sense?

🌿 To cultivate high-quality matcha, the tea plant is shade grown a month before its harvest in order to promote excessive chlorophyll production. 

🌿Each batch is traditionally stone ground into a fine powder using the youngest shade-grown leaves leading to its full consumption.

🌿 Consequentially, all health benefits are also multiplied. Matcha yields an impressive antioxidant score of 157,300 (per 100 grams) on the ORAC scale (blueberries have a score of 9,621). (Source)


#2: Encha Matcha – Cermenonial Grade


Encha’s ceremonial grade matcha powder is carefully selected using premium quality green tea leaves during the first harvest of the spring. The leaves are shade grown for three weeks, and the stems are removed during processing to attain a smooth flavor. The founder,Li Gong, uses his experience at Stanford to test and maximize the potential which matcha tea offers.

To ensure upmost quality, Encha carefully tests for contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, radiation, etc. If you want a clean and relaxing drink chock full of antioxidants, don’t hesitate to give Encha matcha powder a try. Half of the Catechins in the fine powder is EGCG- a potent antioxidant.

Some Impressive Qualities Of Encha Matcha Powder

🌿 USDS Organic

🌿 Consistently tested for contaminants

🌿 Leaves are de-stimmed and ground into fine powder

🌿 Shade grown for three weeks to maximize theanine content

🌿The founder conducts reseach using PHD background at Stanford

🌿 Familiy run and operated in Uji, Kyoto, Japan


#3: Jade Leaf - Ceremonial | Culinary Grade

If you are interested in cooking or baking with matcha powder, Jade Leaf is a reputable company that supports the growth and development of Family Farms across Japan. Their thriving network of tea farms use traditional and modern techniques to to cultivate leaves brimming with flavor and nutrients.

Culinary matcha can be used to make ice cream, macaroons, rice crispy treats, cake, etc.  Culinary grade is slightly more bitter due to its cultivation during the second harvest, but its texture compliments other ingredients. The high antioxidant content and chlorophyll found in Jade Leaf Matcha powder is a healthy addition to any recipe.

Why Jade Leaf Made The List

🌿 USDS Organic

🌿 Provides a bang for the buck ($5.7/ounce)

🌿 Works alongside a network of family run farms across Japans premiere growing regions

🌿 Produces high quality matcha by the Kizuna Tea Collective – A collective collaboration of workers which maintain a strong connection


    1. Rich in Antioxidents (ORAC value of 1348/gram).

    2. High concentration of chlorophyll (detox).

    3. Source of L-Theanine (relaxation).

    4. Lower caffeine content (60-70 mg/cup)

    5. Increases alpha brain waves.

    6. Improves cognitive function.

    7. Good for the liver.

    8. Aids in fat burning.

    9. Slows the aging process.

    10. Boosts circulation due to calming properies.

Health Benefits Explained...

How To Determine Matcha Quality

Color: High quality matcha has an extended harvest period, meaning the level of chlorophyll increases. Higher levels of chlorophyll give matcha a vibrant green color.

Grinding Process: High quality ceremonial grade matcha is attained using a stone grinding process where less heat and refinement is utilized to extract the core nutrients.

Texture: Lower quality matcha has a coarse texture whereas high quality matcha has a silky texture (very fine). Very fine matcha powder is much easier to mix with food or drinks.

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