August 9, 2020

Eternal Light

Everyone experiences the cyclic ebs and flows of life. Some days seem dark and bleak whereas other days seem bright and rich. We cannot control many unforseen circumstances that impact us negatively. Our reaction to these external events dictates where we land along the specrum between darkness and light.

Each time we fall or fail at an attempt to succeed, we must transform a temporary negative condition into a positve one. This allows us to build up strength and resiliance amid the storms that approach us at any moment. Light always finds its way through darkness. Awareness is always waiting in the background when darkness shadows the mind.

The pain we endure from hardships is an inevitable experience. These battle wounds potentially trigger another downward cycle that repeats itself over and over. As we contemplate the existance of these cycles, we begin to initate the healing process. The next time we encounter the wrong door, it becomes easier to resist the darkness and follow the light. The light is always present so long our conciousness is aware.