August 20, 2020


We do not know for certain how the universe began. Our existance seems to be centered on divergence. The expansion of the universe from a chaotic beginning is still rippling through space. Every action that we take stems from a series of diverging events through time. There is always a source that sparks a thought or idea. It seems as if the instantaneous motion of our ideas are created by us, but there is a much more expansive beginning.

As events unfold in diverging directions, we adapt and build up strength to enter more complex situations. We cannot control chaos, but we can contain it. Our mind works in parallel to the space that it occupies. There is infinite potential for the space to diverge. The only resistance to such movement is comfort. The ability to create or seek the unknown is always welcomed with an initial explosion of thoughts or ideas, and the mind - like the universe - has the ability to organize chaos.

When there exists light or energy or heat, life develops outward from simplicity to increasing complexity. Convsersely, when there exists darkness or absense, life seems to converge to a point. The same concept applies to our mind-set. If our mind shifts direction from positive/optimism to negative/pessimism, closure occurs. The perspective that was once expansive becomes compressed to a point. Creativity - which follows an appreciation for life - dwindles away in the distance.

The butterfly effect is an interesting concept that ties to divergence or chaos. It all begins with a small minute change of action. Every day - as challenges present themselves - we experience an array of possibilties or opportunities that spread out radially. We then try our best to converge the scattered bits of information into a whole or more complete piece. If one single event changes in our life, new opportunities pop up as each path crosses.

Opportunities tend to exist when the energy within the system is compatible. This means that when two or more paths collide, the amount of energy invested at the point relates to the probability of securing an opportunity. Sometimes, opportunities seem to arise by chance.

These occurances relate to the concept of divergence. There are infinity many paths that we could take, but our thoughts guide on on a singular path that is divergent from anyone else. If our path meets a very improbable opportunity, we often consider it a lucky occurance. Yet, the more we diverge in our lifestyle, the higher the frequency of these events. The chaotic essence of nature leads to these seemingly random occurances.

We must learn to appreciate the ever growing, changing, and chaotic universe that we percieve. Without initial chaos or complexity, our perception would cease to exist. We need divergence to progress our life and society outward. Our ability to converge information is analogous to the alignment of the universe and the corresponding planets. In the beginning, it may have been a chaotic mash of various elements, but it slowly congregated into larger masses of matter, energy, and conciousness.