August 12, 2020

Cycles of Life

Every day we get to witness the immensity of the universe and the cycles it has to offer. Cycles exist beyond our scope and within our grasp. The forces holding the univserse together work in harmony to produce ever changing, yet reccuring events. The push-pull of the tides follows an oscillating lunar cycle. Our circadian rhythm strongly ties to the cycle co-existing between the sun and the moon. If these cycles were not intact, life on earth would soon become chaotic.

Yet, we are fortunate that the inner chaos that roams through the universe congregates in an orderly fashion. As we adapt and deepen our understanding of the universe, our perception broadens. By digging deeper and deeper, we realize that our perception is a smaller fraction than previously imagined.

Each new layer exposes a new range of complexity. Becoming aware of these cycles fuels our internal and external awareness. We need a balance between both poles to experience life to the fullest. Every breath that gives us a moment to live is driven by the rthymic motion of the body. The oscillating movement of light, heat, and energy interacts and change the frequency of our inner cycles.

Aligning with or being in sync with these natural cycles is key to maintain our health. If we are out of phase with the lunar cycle or we sporadically change our routine very frequently, then large energy shifts occur. Nature provides all the ingredients to sustain life. Sometimes, events trigger turbulant cycles or weather patterns take a turn for the worse. Despite these occurances, we always find a way to perservere.