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I’m Mark. I suffer from Ordinary Deficiency Disorder (ODD). Reading, writing, and music are my go to therapies. I have a drive to create content that can inspire others to take the same action that led me here. I have a thirst for knowledge and always enjoy receiving someone's perspective. My main areas of interest include Philosophy, Mathematics, Psychology, Physiology, and Website Design. I hold a B.S degree in Mathematics and Geology as well as a M.S. degree in Geotechnical Engineering.

Before pursuing my career route, I had an strong interest in personal health. My health suffered greatly during my late teens. I experienced persistent anxiety that lasted for two years. I came to grips with the gravity of my situation when my energy levels were completely sapped. My emotions ran haywire during this time. I knew that my hormone levels were depleted after researching some of the symptoms that I was experiencing. The vigor, energy, and confidence level that most teens possess at that age was completely absent in my life.

After confirming that my hormone levels were low, I began my journey toward recovery. My testosterone levels have since quadruped since that low period of my life. I created this blog to share with you what I've learned on my road to recovery. It was not a smooth transition, but the pain I endured taught me that through perseverance, we can overcome obstacles which seem monumental at first.

Health relates to our ability to stay calm. Being patient, content, and living gratitude are keys to unlock mental well being. Seneca, a Stoic Philosopher once stated:
It is not because things are difficult we dare not venture. It is because we dare not venture that things are difficult.
This quote signifies that the difficulty of any circumstance in life dictates our perception of it. We can overcome many obstacles if we venture into unknown territory and uncover the path to a healthier lifestyle.